Friday, November 12, 2010

Video and Improv

Em Salem made this video for a live improv I did with Recompas:

Psych Out for Recompas from em salem on Vimeo.

Home Built Synth Modules

Been hard at work learning electronics and building my modular.

Besides reading this:

I've also been haunting:

and especially:

where I first learned of Scott Stites Klee Sequencer, which I built (and fed into a video oscilloscope made by critter and guitari) :

My buddies Scott and Travis Thatcher really got me started soldering:

Also built my friend Todd's sampler:

as well as three VCO's and a low-pass filter from:

Thomas White made available some PCB's for his version of the Buchla LPG:

and of course, the wonderful Scott Deyo has provided endless front panel beauty:

Many more modules and modifications to come.